SidewinderHey look what Jonathan found! Back in 1986 we worked together with Hayes Haugen on a fun shoot-em-up game for the Amiga called Sidewinder. It was a moderate hit. Hayes and I coded and Jonathan did the in-game artwork. This is a scan of the retail box Sidewinder was packaged in.

Good times. Now Jonathan and I are reunited on another venture but I’ll save that for later post.

Update: Sidewinder’s fans have posted videos of the opening music and Sidewinder running in an Amiga emulator on a PSP!


  1. Chris said

    I owned your game and spent many hours playing it in my youth. Thanks for the good times.

  2. Robert said

    One of the first Amiga games I ever played. Damn good game!

  3. Glenn Ian Stubberfield said

    I’d love to get a copy of the original boxed US Amiga version, seems to be very rare…?
    Also, did you know there was an unrelated game here in the UK tagged as a sequel?

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