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mail to blog test

So dasBlog allows me to email new entries to my blog but how well is it going to work? I’m composing the message in Outlook, actually Word 2003. What font will show up? What about the rest of the formatting? For example, the image below is on its own line and centered. Below it is more text.

If this works I’ll eat a bug, or something.

(hey, it worked!)

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Travel test

I need a good way to integrate travel photos into my blog. Rumor has it that nGallery is being integrated into dasBlog but when?

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Getting ready for the big trip

Keeping in touch will be one of the big challenges of being away from home for 6 months. Maybe a web log would be a good part of the solution? We’ll see. I’ve installed dasBlog on and converted over my page to give dasBlog a shakedown. The ‘darrin’ page has been updated 3 times in the last 5 years, not much of a challenge for dasBlog but it’s a start.

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