About me

I’m Darrin Massena. Delighted to meet you! I’m currently the Chief Technology Officer of Picnik.com which I co-founded with Mike Harrington.

Before embarking on Picnik, I co-created Warfare Incorporated with good friend Scott Ludwig. Just before, I spent a lot of time writing mobile software and tools including the first open-source development kit for Palm devices.

Prior to that I spent years and years at Microsoft as a developer and development manager in both the Systems (Windows) and Consumer divisions.

Going even further back to a time when we called computers “8-bit” I wrote video games and educational software at Synergistic Software.

I have a matched set of kitties that look like this:

Treena Kitten

You can reach me at darrin@massena.com.


  1. Roland Constantineau said

    I came across your website, and recognized the name. Andrew and Katie worked for me along time ago, and I was wondering how they are doing. Andrew spoke about you alot, that’s how I recognzed your name.

  2. Thomas Seidel said

    I was toying around with old Palm Pilot and would like to try the aged old ASDK, sadly the download links on
    http://www.massena.com/darrin/pilot/asdk/asdknews.htm are all broken. (It’s only been 14 years)
    If you still have an old archive I’d like a copy.

  3. Hi Darrin. I remember when we were working in the greenhouse at Auburn Academy when you talked about how the human mind, like computers, works in machine language, and we use sounds of our mouths, like computer programming languages, to communicate.

    I always think of poems I write as mind-programs.

    I was a web developer for a few years last decade in Michigan. Then I got a MS in Geographic Information Science, so now I am a cartographer in Georgia, and I am writing an epic poem in blank verse about scientists. So far I have written about 32,000 lines about the Greek philosophers.

    Glad to see you are still having fun with computers.

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